The innovative anti-ageing device for a facelift effect at home


A 2-in-1 expert facial system which, when used with OsmoSculpt anti-ageing hydrogel, helps reshape the oval of the face and firm the skin.

FaceSculptor Home: protocol

Frequency: 3 times per week
Session length: 45 minutes
Course of treatment: 4 weeks

Good to know: FaceSculptor Home can be used more frequently, including on a daily basis, if desired
(there are no side effects associated with intensive use)

FaceSculptor Home: Results

A clinical study conducted in Barcelona in June 2020 involving 20 people showed results similar to those of the brand’s professional devices. In 12 sessions over 4 weeks, participants saw:

  • An average loss of 3.5ml of fat from the jawline compared with 4ml for a surgical facelift, with an average reduction of 17.16% in the volume of fat under the chin: a “facelift effect” without the lengthy recovery period.
  • Reshaping of the lower face and neck line with an average reduction of 15.56% in the chin-neck angle, without surgery or any other invasive method.
  • Obvious firming and improvement of skin texture on the face and neck due to the toning of the muscles in the lower face achieved by the method.

FaceSculptor Home: How to use

The incredible synergy of FaceSculptor Home and OsmoSculpt anti-ageing produces a dual benefit: reshaping of the face and neck line, and firming of the skin.

Before EVERY session, apply OsmoSculpt anti-ageing to encourage the combined fat-eliminating action.

Pour a generous dollop of serum into the palm of your hand and apply the hydrogel from the bottom of your neck to your chin. Position a non-woven cloth or gauze to protect the bottom of your face and put on the FaceSculptor Home Active Strap for face and neck. The hydrogel will be absorbed during the session.

Where should I use it?

FaceSculptor Home is designed for use at home, during any stationary daily activity (computer work, on the telephone, cooking) or while at rest (reading, watching television).

FaceSculptor Home: The technology

The FaceSculptor Home technology is based on the principle of BioStimology®: a technology with scientifically proven results that stimulates an imperceptible contraction of the muscles under the skin.

This technology, with a mechanism of action that has been fully demonstrated, is based on the stimulation of the muscle cell membranes, without causing any damage. This natural biological stimulation helps reduce excess fat deposits. 

This natural biological stimulation boosts the firmness of the skin’s support tissue, with similar results to those of acupuncture.

FaceSculptor Home: Mechanism of action

FaceSculptor Home produces an imperceptible contraction of the muscles under the skin.

This muscular contraction of the skin combined with the effects of OsmoSculpt anti-ageing improves the firmness of the skin’s support tissue. It helps to erase the signs of tissue sagging.

A genuine technological revolution, FaceSculptor Home is the first mask aimed at facial contouring and the reduction of double chins and “buffalo humps” (at the back of the neck). With a strap that produces a bioenergetic field to activate fat release, it is also very effective against skin ageing when used in combination with OsmoSculpt anti-ageing hydrogel.

Your FaceSculptor Home set includes: