The slimming device ideal for daily use at home.


A slimming device for use at home with OsmoSculpt anti-cellulite hydrogel, that redefines the waist, hips and thighs, visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite and improves the skin’s firmness.

BodySculptor Home: The protocol

Frequency : 3 times per week
Session length : 60 minutes
Course of treatment : 4 weeks

Good to know: BodySculptor Home can be used more frequently, including on a daily basis. There are no side effects associated with intensive use.

Results after 12 sessions

A slimmer silhouette
Firming of the skin

BodySculptor Home: Results

An observational study in 20 subjects was conducted at a clinic in Barcelona and showed a complete change in body shape in just 1 month, without exercise or dieting:

  • Average loss of 1.5 kg of body fat.
  • Gain of 0.5 kg in muscle mass.
  • Average drop of around 1 clothing size, or -3.5cm around the abdomen.
  • An increase in basal metabolic rate and resting energy expenditure.

BodySculptor Home: How to use

The incredible synergy of BodySculptor Home and OsmoSculpt anti-cellulite produces a dual benefit: reshaping of the body and firming of the skin.

  1. Apply OsmoSculpt anti-cellulite hydrogel to the thighs, hips and stomach.
  2. Protect belts using non-woven cloths.
  3. Put on the belts and start the session.

Where should I use it?

BodySculptor Home is designed for use at home, during any stationary daily activity (computer work, on the telephone, cooking) or while at rest (reading, watching television). It can also be used during cardio activity (exercise, pilates, yoga, etc.) for increased energy expenditure and optimised results.

BodySculptor Home: The technology

Well-known among professionals for its slimming expertise for more than 20 years, BodySculptor is now available for at home use, making the efficacy of its unique BioStimology® technology available to a wider audience. Scientifically proven, BioStimology® activates the reduction of subcutaneous and deeper layers of fat.

This technology, with a mechanism of action that has been fully demonstrated, is based on the stimulation of the muscle cell membranes, without causing any damage. This natural biological stimulation helps reduce excess fat deposits.

BodySculptor Home sessions produce imperceptible muscle contractions, with similar effects to those of sustained physical exercise.

BodySculptor Home: Mechanism of action

BodySculptor Home produces imperceptible contractions
of the muscles under the skin.

The energy (ATP) required for this muscle contraction is
provided by burning subcutaneous fat.

This therefore promotes the unlocking of adipose cells, releasing energy and burning excess fatty acids.
Over the sessions, the skin becomes more toned and a specific reduction in body fat can be seen in treated areas: stomach, waist, hips and thighs.

Your BodySculptor Home set includes: